We Promise to Keep You Posted

Several people have called me in recent weeks with best wishes and, above all, questions about what the future holds for our magazine, WaterShapes.

That’s a reasonable inquiry, and the honest answer is that I don’t know just yet: I’m doing what I can to chart a course into the future and find ways to build on the magazine’s foundation with something new and wonderful, but the simple truth is that everything is taking more time to coalesce than I had hoped.

Partly it has to do with the fact that the economy is still so contrary: I start spinning visions of a tomorrow in which watershaping is an absolute, thematic core of residential and commercial design and architecture, and then the questions about the construction industry’s deep, blue funk start coming fast and furious and all I can do is point out that these things always turn around and that the future is invariably bright.

Then the questions boil down to the essence: When?  

Back in 2008, as we dipped our feet in a recession the likes of which none of us had ever seen, my conviction was that the general economy would turn around by 2011 and that construction would lag behind by two or three years – but that there would be enough going on by now that spirits would be lifted and we’d all see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I was partly correct, but I think now that recovery in the construction markets will lag behind the rest of the economy for a few more years I hadn’t anticipated. Who would have thought that credit would still be so tight, or that real estate values would have failed to stabilize by now?  

I am profoundly impressed that so many of you have stuck with watershaping through thick and thin — apparently with significantly more resilience than our magazine — and that the gains in creativity and technical excellence made in the last decade have not gone by the wayside. The fact that so many of you are still in the fight is what encourages me to keep going myself.

We’ll be back. The question is one huge When? — and all I can suggest is that you watch this space for news. We promise to keep you posted.

Jim McCloskey,

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2 Responses to We Promise to Keep You Posted

  1. Larry Paulick says:

    Jim, I wish you all the best for the future. Yours is the classiest magazine in the market, bar none. You have taken the lead in showing what it should be, and not the same old pool-and-spa issues.

    Keep the faith and keep the magazine going.

    Larry Paulick

  2. Jim, Eric
    It took me several times reading through this to understand what you were ultimately saying. My first thought was that you were simply going electronic. Now I am understanding that maybe that is not the case, small details, thoughts and questions about what we all ponder about our passion,way of life and how they entertwine engulfed me.
    For you two, I am exreemly grateful. If it wasn’t for your introduction in my life I would never have had the opportunity to meet and experience the multitude of people like Skip, Van Bower, Archer Wills the names and faces keep coming almost endlessly.
    For you Eric, our paths crossed almost from the start of our professional lives. This was obviously instigated by Jim and enhanced by many through the decades.
    I do not see this network that you two have created dissolve, it’s massive! I do not see your inspirations or encouragement for others cease either. What I do see happening with you is what is happening to many of us, as testified by Van Bowers recent comments. Those of us in the forefront are quitting, no we’re not giving up, we are quitting. Our colleages are simply doing what we have done all our lives and have seen a need to advance to the next level. So we are quiting the mundane, unproductive, mind numbing routines.
    As Larry stated above, Watershapes took us all to the next level. If it wasn’t for efforts and inspiration promoted by insightful people we would still be looking at black & white photos of pools in a newspaper. ( which,Jim, if Yosemite inspired you so much, take a real long cold look at some of Ansel Adams pictures, think about the technology, what he had to do for his passion and what it inspired for all of us in the future.)
    The biggest gift that someone can give you is thier time. I have honored yours through your efforts and passion directly and indirectly.

    Good health,safe travels
    Stan Zielinski

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