Printed Legacy

By Jim McCloskey

The process of selling off back issues of WaterShapes has been a sentimental journey for me, and I know it’s going to become even more so when the recycling truck shows up on June 1 to clear away all of the unclaimed copies:  I love those printed relics with all my heart, and I hope I’ll be packing lots of them up in the next few days and sending them out to be preserved and used by watershapers.

I’ll be keeping two sets myself – one out and available for ready reference, the other protected in a boxes as an archive of everything we achieved in 131 issues published from February 1999 through July 2011.  But beyond that, I’ve promised my wife Judy that I will hold nothing in reserve so we can reclaim some much-needed storage space.

So please:  Without delay, check your own collection for completeness!  I don’t know how many of you have reported through the years that random copies of WaterShapes you had on hand seemed to grow legs and move somewhere they didn’t belong, whether it was onto a sticky-fingered client’s coffee table, into the trunk of an ex-employee who moved on with some keepsakes, or lost somewhere in the forest of printed material that lines a design/build firm’s walls.

It’s your last chance to fill the gaps, so please take advantage of the ridiculously special pricing to complete your set.  And if an issue you want isn’t on the list of available copies you see when you click here, just drop me an email at  I keep finding pockets and cubbies stuffed full of editions I thought were out of stock ages ago, and I’d be happy to do what I can to fill any off-the-list requests you might have.

The recycler will be here on the afternoon of Monday, June 1:  Please place your orders now!


I’m about to have some fun in my backyard:  For years, I’ve been telling myself that what we needed just off our deck was a small fountain – something to block out the small amount of traffic noise we hear and, more important, masking the sound of a neighbor kid named Josh whose voice, a constant outdoor presence locally when he’s not in school, clocks in at about 140 shrieking decibels.

Some time ago, I acquired a birdbath with the thought that, one day, I’d convert it into a fountain and place it over a large, deep tank so the flow out of the bowl would generate a variety of sonorous tones as it passed into the reservoir.  It’s time:  I’ll start digging sometime in June – and I’ll share some photos when I’m done in a couple weeks.

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