WaterShapes World is the blog of WaterShapes.com.

All of these blogs speak directly to the designers, engineers and builders of custom pools, ponds, waterfalls, spas, fountains and other waterfeatures and exterior environments. Our aim is to provide wateshapers with immediate, unimpeded access to technical and product-related information that is both useful and timely.

The WaterShapes Team
Experience, professionalism and an orientation toward quality: Those are hallmarks of the leaders of WaterShapes, a team that has more than 50 years of experience in the pool/spa industry as a foundation for their work on WaterShapes and WaterShapes.com.

Jim McCloskey, Publisher
Founder and president of McCloskey Communications, Inc., Jim has nearly 40 years’ experience in establishing sophisticated forums for business-to-business communication — from pharmaceutical manufacturing, specialized medical practice and analytical chemistry to architectural lighting, periodical publishing, wood restoration and swimming pool design and construction. He has directed the starts of nine trade publications, including VA Practitioner, Spectroscopy, Circulation Management, Architectural Lighting and Professional Refinishing. For nine years, he served as editor and associate publisher of Pool & Spa News; was publisher of WaterShapes as a printed magazine from 1999 to 2011; and is currently publisher and editor-in-chief for WaterShapes.com, the digital successor to the magazine.



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